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What we offer

Understanding SME’s diversity and being relevant in their daily financial management means to provide a flexible, specific Digital Banking Solution that generates Bank differentiation and customer retention.


  • Boosting efficiency, for both Bank and Bank’s customer.
  • Frictionless coexistence with other digital solutions currently deployed.
  • Personalised Customer Experience.
  • Full range of transactions omnichannel ready.
  • Flexible and simple company administration.
  • Seamlessly integration with backend systems.
  • Platform administration tool, productivity oriented.
  • Deeper customer knowledge powered by Analytics.

Added Value


Be everywhere in a seamless way and maximize the engagement with your clients. Daily activity performed on your customer’s channel-of-choice providing a consistent experience.

Liquidity Management

Cash flow is paramount for SME companies. We provide an easy to use tool for cash flow tracking.

Reporting Tool

Supporting your customer’s reporting needs. An easy-to-use tool for self-service reporting is available. From operative reports to compliance purposes, your customer will find what they need.


Diversity is a key factor in SME. Our platform offers a transaction / item role based access and simple workflow management tool where financial company processes can be mapped, regardless their size and complexity.

Data Analytics

Obtain valuable information from your data by means of data analytics and predictive models. Bring added value to your customers by providing them valuable insights about their consolidated business.

Relationship Management

Digital Channels need to implement a new relationship model with your customers. Our platform provides new tools for frictionless interaction and generates closer engagement by selecting the right products and services at the best time and place.



Allow integrating with any backend / middleware system in a short timeframe.


Microservices Architecture based on open industry technology products like Spring Cloud, OAuth2, Apache Kafka or ElasticSearch following new trending streams.

Embedded Systems

Expert systems -like business rules or workflow manager- have been embedded in the platform architecture providing higher flexibility and robustness.


Multi-layer architecture based on standard protocol calls managing temporary data, local data or relying on middleware services for online information. The platform has the flexibility to get best performance and customer experience in each case.


Multilevel user management both at customer and back office.

Several authentication methods supported.

Authorization process based on user roles and user access rights.

2nd factor authentication fully integrated (OTP, Challenge-Response and Transaction Signature).


User/Groups Management


Standing Orders Management

Multi Factor Authentication

Apply for new Account

Compliance Reporting

Single Sign On

Deposits & Investments

Notification Center

Admin Management

Cards - Debit and Credit

Customer Information Management

Channel Management

Apply for Card


Company Management


Complaints Management

Fees & Limits Management


Market Rates

Company Super User

POS Statements


Customer Delegated Security

Bill Payments

Contact Me

Approval Rules & Transaction Limits

Cash Flow

Rules Engine



Content Management

Custom Portfolio Dashboard

Apply for Loan


Pending Actions

Direct Debit

Activity Logs



Audit & Reporting