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Innofis provides a set of consultancy services to support the digital transformation of our customers and efficiently help them to adapt their organization digitally by minimizing impact, reducing risk and reusing existing system components.

Services | Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Our commitment goes further than the implementation of one solution. Innofis is delivering an end-to-end solution by providing support and maintenance services during the complete system lifecycle.

Because we understand that digital banking is a critical process, needs to be always available and in continuous evolution, Innofis has designed a package for support and maintenance services to better serve customer needs.

Standard Support
Bug fixing and Support in a 8x5 basis.

Premium Support
24x7 maintenance and support service.

Regardless our standard support and maintenance packages, don’t hesitate to tell us your specific needs and sure Innofis will be able to design a Support & Maintenance Service tailor made.

UX / UI Consultancy

Digital Channels intend to be unattended. To provide a Customer Experience according with customer expectations -and company strategy and processes- is paramount to guarantee a successful solution. It’s not only about providing a look&feel presenting Bank’s Brand, it’s about providing the better Customer Journey fitting both, customer and Bank, needs.

Innofis’ User Centric Design Methodology for UX/UI Design allows a guided step-by-step process from Strategy to Implementation and Test in a result-driven process.

Services | Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

A holistic approach for the successful development and execution of Corporate Strategy.

World is changing fast and so are organizations. Banks need to move forward quickly and need to do it efficiently. New Channels, new business models, new customers and business relationships are emerging at high speed, difficult to follow without a smart and flexible IT systems. In this dynamic context, Enterprise Architecture needs to have a key role, not just to avoid being a stopper but to lead Business Innovation.

From experience and commitment, Innofis provides Consultancy Services to help Financial Institutions to deal with Enterprise Architecture Design and roadmap, because it’s not just about being technologically academic, it’s about legacy systems, integration, security, compliance, risk management, ROI or Business Strategy.