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Predictive Analytics

What we offer

  • Advanced Predictive Analytics modelling
  • A mix between out-of-the-box functionalities and customization facets
  • Proven track record and Vertical expertise and knowledge
  • Data Monetization oriented solution implementation 

Cutomer Behavioral Segmentation

Powerful Customer (micro) Segmentation based on individual behavior, across inbound and outbound company borders.

Effective & high-personalized marketing campaigns by substantially reducing the impacts quantity by increasing radically its quality.

Purchasing Propensity Calculation

Calculation of each customer’s Purchasing Propensity score for any of your company’s products and services.

Full range of buying trends through analysis of the whole customer base behavior, including non-current or inactive customers.

Predictive Analytics | Predictive Models

Predictive Models

Advance to the future. Know what is going to happen before it actually happens.
Let the data predict what is going to occur and use that information to prevent negative consequences and foster positive ones. 

Customer Churn

Predictive modelling of customers more likely to turn into inactive customers or end the relationship with the bank.

Improve bank churn rate identifying and classifying customers before they leave. Churn prediction through behavioral patterns, historical transactions, external interactions and social-demographic variables.

Digital Channel Adoption

We help you to understand how Digital are your customers inside and outside the Bank.

Identify and classify those customers who are digitally active outside Bank’s borders but are not using your Digital channels. Improve your conversion ratio focusing on those who might be more willing to adopt them.


Our Data Analytics Solutions use a range of scientific principles and technological solutions to develop powerful but simple tools to allow you to finally unearth that knowledge and use it to make reliable data driven decision making. We do the hard part in the background so you can do the important one with ease. We provide you with visualization tools that facilitate the understanding of the results as well as their impact on your business by emphasizing the most relevant insights in real time.

  • Machine Learning techniques for proper modelling. 
  • Apache Kafka for ingesting and aggregating all your data sources.
  • The ELK stack for indexing and searching textual data.
  • The Hadoop ecosystem for bath processing of historical Big Data. 
  • Apache Spark for interactive queries with Big Data Lake and the real-time process of data flows
  • Lamda architecture to combine historical data and streaming
  • NoSQL databases for aggregation and efficient search of all your data
Machine Learning techniques for proper modelling
Apache Kafka for ingesting and aggregating all your data source
Apache Spark for interactive queries with Big Data Lake and the real-time process of data flows
The Hadoop ecosystem for bath processing of historical Big Data


  • Reporting tools to see what has happened.
  • Analysis graphical interfaces to analyze why it happened.
  • Real time monitoring dashboards to see what is happening right now. 
  • Predictive models to understand what might happen.
  • 360 view of your customers. 
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Pattern recognition to find opportunities for cross selling, up selling, or product mix.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Recommendation engines for your clients.

Added Value

  • Behavioral Segmentation. 
  • Real-time Analytics.
  • Predictive Models. 
  • Recommendation Engines. 
  • Pattern Recognition.
  • Big Data Lake Building and maintenance. 
  • Effective Back-End data integration.
  • Real-time Front-End data consumption.
  • Marketing campaigns support.
  • Real-time Operational and Ad-hoc reporting.
  • Advanced insights Visualization.
  • 360º Customer View.