Digital Modular Banking

Improve your digital banking channels without replacing them. We help you grow as you want to, investing only in what you need to.

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Digital Modular Banking | Transactions


A full catalogue of financial services and transactions.

From transactional services for payments, transfers, cards and accounts, to account opening, loan requests and investment management.

Available in any existing digital channel: desktop, tablet, mobile, watches, kiosks…

Digital Modular Banking | Personalization


Build personal relationships with customers by offering an experience based on behavioural patterns.

Tailor digital banking functionality, next best actions, language, UI and marketing to fit customer profiles.

Digital Modular Banking | Content Management

Content Management

Flexible and friendly content management platform that allows easy publishing of content across different channels.

A powerful platform when coordinated with marketing campaign management, where personalized content is delivered at the customer level.

Digital Modular Banking | Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Fully control and launch marketing campaigns at all levels. From Smart Segmentation combining individual offers with behavioral patterns, to total control of the content and communication channels.

Digital Modular Banking | Events and Rules

Events and Rules

Define targets and events to launch marketing campaigns. Define contextual and behavioral parameters and let the platform translate them into actionable campaigns.

Deliver truly dynamic campaigns.

Digital Modular Banking | Geomarketing


Use geomarketing in loyalty programs, branches or together with marketing campaigns to increase targeting efficiency.

Available with beacon and geofence technology; choose between long range actions or high-accuracy beacons zones.

Includes centralized management and an administration module to define notification launch details.

Digital Modular Banking | Real time Analytics

Real time Analytics

Business oriented real-time analytics to monitor transactional services as well as Marketing and Sales activities.

Track customer behaviour and transactions in real-time and react accordingly.

Digital Modular Banking | Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics (sales boost and Customer retention)

Use predictive analytics to boost sales and retain customers. Improve customer service and targeting across all channels, including non-digital.

Incorporate data such as buying patterns, location information and social media interactions to refine customer profiles.

Automate the process and free up time for decision making.

Digital Modular Banking | Behaviour patterns

Behaviour patterns

Understand and learn from customer behaviour.

Track patterns to suggest future measures and determine desired banking actions.

Digital Modular Banking | Online Forms

Online Forms

Easy creation and automation of online forms.

Easy application for customers.

Easy editing and launching of forms.

Digital Modular Banking | Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Connect channels and maintain a consistent customer experience with the BPA tool, when alternative channels such as IVR and a Contact Center need to be integrated and automated.

Digital Modular Banking | PFM


Allow customers to manage their financials and forecast effectively.

Integration with backend systems.

Cross selling oriented multichannel solution.

Digital Modular Banking | Notification Center

Notification Center

A centralized notification center for the bank to leverage digital capabilities.

Simplify and unify notification channels from a centralized system. Take advantage of digital channels to inform customers in a timely and consistent manner.

Digital Modular Banking | Centralized Security Management

Centralized Security Management

Incorporate out-of-the-box features and administration tools based on J2EE open standards.

Access the high-level industry standards and partnerships with main providers in the e-security field.

Modular approach for plugging in and managing leading MFA systems in the market.

Including Soft Token integration in mobile banking applications.

Digital Modular Banking | Social Media Banking

Social Media Banking

Extend your digital banking platform to social media and take advantage of the corresponding features.

From collecting information to easy and secure transactions. Benefiting from sharing features and simplification of processes.