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What we offer

We design our solutions inspired by the diversity of existing and developing business models, understanding their needs and providing state-of-the-art enhancements to simplify existing complexity.

  • Powerful administration environment.
  • Multilevel customer configurable authorization flow.
  • Manager’s dashboard.
  • Alerts management, including rules.
  • Data export facilities to PDF or CSV.
  • Feasible integration with ERP, CRM, BI


  • Files management for bulk transactions
  • Basic components to configure new transactions
  • Real STP capabilities


Added Value


Businesses need time-sensitive operations and administrators need alternatives, so we create solutions that let them execute decisions wherever they are.


Complexity made simple

Our solutions allow you to incorporate different layers of profiles, permissions and decision flows to adapt efficiently to your business. Each client can easily map its internal processes to specific roles and actions.

Liquidity Management

From scheduled payments and standing orders to sweeping structures, we can manage or integrate with your systems.


Large volume effortlessly

We help you manage bulk requests, from uploading, validating and authorizing files to modifying, executing and reporting, including alerts.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Our big data analytics allows your clients to customize and access real time information about their consolidated business to take the right decisions when it matters.

Revenue generation

Customize, adapt and implement fees according to specific clients, segments or general standards you define.



Allow integrating with any backend / middleware system in a short timeframe.


Microservices Architecture based on open industry technology products like Spring Cloud, OAuth2, Apache Kafka or ElasticSearch following new trending streams.



Multi-layer architecture based on standard protocol calls managing temporary data (bulk transfers, POS statements…) or rely on middleware services for online information.


Online & Offline

WebFlow and BPM allows to manage both online transaction flows and offline requests, as authorization flow or special deals requests.


Multilevel user management both at customer and back office.

Several authentication methods supported.

Authorization process based on user roles and user access rights.

2nd factor authentication fully integrated (OTP, Challenge-Response and Transaction Signature).


Customer Delegated Security

Application form

Content Management

Custom Dashboard

Pending Actions

Admin Management

Rules Engine

Soft/Hard Tokens Integration



Request for Corporate Cards

Transfers (multicurrency, single and bulk)

Sweeping and Pooling

Products & Services

Supply Chain Finance

Profiles Management

Notification Center



Activity Logs

Complains Management

User/Groups Management

Single Sign On



Mutual Funds

Account Opening

Accounts & Credit facilities


Market rates

Physical Cash Collection management

Custody services



Audit and Reporting

Limits management

Customer Information Management





Apply for Loan

Corporate Cards (Credit, Debit, Payroll)

Direct Debit (single and Bulk)

POS statements

Dividends Distribution