17 July 2017

Last June 2017, iPhone turned 10 years old. It’s amazing to see how time is running out and how much iPhones have improved since 2007. Far from resting on its laurels, Apple keeps improving year after year and is soon to launch its last iOS version this autumn, the iOS 11. The iOS 11 promises to broadcast some new features that will keep the pace of making our life easier, more connected and more technological. We are presenting you in here some improvements that will mean something for the banking industry, and as Apple is the trend mark, we will soon be able to enjoy them in most smartphones.

1. Apple Pay

Within the iMessage application you will be able to send money to your friends in a very easy and convenient way. It will be possible to make purchases and bank transfers as well. The apple pay option will be safe as it will require your fingerprint to authenticate the payment. The trick is that your friends will also need to have an iOS 11 device to receive your payment!

2. Sirikit

You’ve all heard about Siri before, there is nothing new about it; even though 10 years ago having such a realistic human assistant directly into our mobile phone would have sound like science fiction. But eventually we’ve got used to it. Well, in the iOS 11 version, Siri is going to improve, and a lot. It’s going to sound more human-like and less robotic, as Apple is teaching it to pronounce the same word with different tones in order to better adapt the sound of its sentences. It’s also going to learn words according to what you read to increase its vocabulary, it will be able to translate languages and will be available for more third-party apps, which is a good news for banking application. I can already see some voice banking arriving.

3. Machine Learning

With this last version of iOS, our device will now be able to detect faces and recognize them as well as barcode, objects and texts. This feature will make it easier to scan documents and send them; I‘m thinking for instance about documents that you would need to send to your bank for an online onboarding. Face detection and recognition could also be used for a secure authentication in banking transfers applications. Possibilities are limitless.

4. ARkit

Augmented Reality seems to be everywhere right now, and of course Apple couldn’t miss it in this new release. Apple has introduced a specific framework for Augmented Reality focused on 3D model rendering in real space and also real world object detection and tracking. What could be the possible uses in banking application? We could imagine for instance that just by turning on our camera, we would be able to see on our screen the closest branches or ATM.

These are some of the improvements that soon will be available through iOS 11 which is planned to be released this autumn, and we already can’t wait to discover them all in person.  The good news for developers is that Apple is opening some used Frameworks in this new version, so that the broad developer community for iOS can enrich their own apps with them.

As the iPhone turned 10 this year, we can also start imagining how the iPhone of the future would look like in 10 more years and what would be the features that will make us addicted that still do not exist nowadays!

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