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Description tasks and responsibilities of the position: 

• Responsible for obtaining knowledge and value from data, using Big Data analytical techniques and technologies.
• Solid knowledge of computer science, statistics and mathematics.
• Able to identify and analyze the business requirements of the project.
• Performs Data Manipulation and Data Quality tasks.
• Able to identify Datasets, and debugs the structure to facilitate analysis.
• Design and build analytical models for pattern discovery, calculation of scorings, behavioral analysis, identification of relationships between entities, segmentations, etc.
• Train, develops and refines the analytical model to obtain the most accurate model.
• Analyzes and interprets results in key business.
• Make reports and advanced visualizations of the main conclusions.

Essential technical requirements:
• Experience analyzing data in Big Data Systems (at least 1): Hadoop, Spark.
• Programming Languages ​​(at least 1): Python, R, Scala.
• Data Manipulation (at least 2): SQL, Hive, Pig, Impala, SparkQL, Sqoop, Flume, Web Scraping.
• Statistical Algorithms & Machine Learning: correlation, regression, forecasting, time-series, classifiers, clustering.


Assessable technical requirements:

• Programming Languages: Any addition to the above, plus Julia and Java.

• NoSQL systems: MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Redshift, etc.

• Display: Gephi, Neo4j, graphics bookcases in R and Python, Kibana, Visual.ly, D3.js, QlikView, Tableau, CartoDB, etc.

• Text Mining: Elasticsearch, Lucene, Solr, etc.

• Analytical Tools and Data Mining: KNIME, RapidMiner, SPSS, SAS, Statistica, MATLAB.

• Other Big Data technologies: Logstash, STORM, Kafka, etc.

• Experience program against third-party APIs.

• Front-end technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JSON.



• Degree in Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Higher Engineering or Physics.

• Double degrees will be evaluated in any of the above degrees and doctorates or Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics.

• Publications and papers related to data analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be evaluated.

• Courses and certifications in any of the Big Data ecosystem technologies and handling techniques and data analysis will be evaluated.


Years of experience in a similar position:

• 2-3 years in data analytics projects that have used Big Data systems and technologies. Ideally in private enterprise.

• Projects that have been analyzed large volumes of data from heterogeneous sources will be specially evaluated.

• Academic research projects will be evaluated.


Soft skills

• Results orientation

• Teamwork

• analytical thinking.



• Fluent English

• Knowledge of the financial sector will be appreciated and in general, any experience in analytical data and projects in Banks and Insurance.



Additional Information:

Salary according to candidate qualification.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.